- jquery plugin for serializing objects to html tables

  • create table objects and table row objects and use convenience methods
  • serialize objects to table rows and extract objects from table rows
  • support for saving object properties as row attributes
  • advanced querying of table rows


author and license

copyright Greg Weber dual licensed under GPL and MIT


  • jquery
  • lib/iterators.js (included in tarball)


column1 column2
              $.table('#my-table').objs() // == []
                [{column1 : val1, column2 : val2}, {column1 : val3, column2 : val4}]
column1 column2
val1 val2
val3 val4
              // output == [{column1 : val1, column2 : val2},{column1 : val3, column2 : val4}]

querying example

              /* output == [{column1 : val1, column2 : val2}] */
              $.table('#my-table').objs( {column1 : val1}} )
              /* output == jQuery object with just the first row */
              $.table('#my-table').rows( {column1 : val1}} )

API OVERVIEW - more documentation in the code

Creating table objects: two ways

              $('#my-table').table() == $.table('table')

A reference to the jQuery object that refers to the table is available through the use of '$'

              $.table('#my-table').$  ==  $('#my-table')


  • every table must contain a thead and a tbody
  • $.table is inteded to work with a single table and $.row a single row.
  • it is untested for a jQuery object that contatins multiple tables or rows! always use id selectors to ensure only one table or row has been selected

Additional table functions:

              titles: returns an array of text values for the (last) table head row
              clear_rows: removes any table body rows
              head_row == $.headRow( this.$.find("thead > tr:last") )
              parse: function called when creating table objects
                by default tries to parse a float as a float instead of as a string
                override it if you want

row objects

Creating row objects: two ways, two kinds of rows

kinds of rows
  • normal row
  • head row
              $('#my-row').row() == $.row('table')
              $('#my-row').headRow() == $.headRow('table')

A reference to the jQuery object that refers to the row is available through the use of '$'

              $.row('#my-row').$  ==  $('#my-row')

Additional row functions:

              tds or ths : get a jQuery object for the table cells of the row
              td or th : get a jQuery object for an individual table cell
              at: retrieve text for an individual table cell
              transfer_to : transfer a row to a different table
              to_object : convert a row to an object